Blood Donor Associations

Various Blood Donor Associations exist in Luxembourg with the aim of promoting donations and recruiting new donors.

Their efforts are essential as they recruit 30 – 40% of the 1000 new donors required annually to replace those who can no longer donate.

The members of these societies, are themselves donors and they organise numerous events to increase public awareness about the existing needs within the Blood Donor Section. To cover the operating costs, the societies have a membership fee (€7 per member per year) and ask for support from the local council, but they also organise various events (dances, dinners, etc.) in order to raise money.


The Blood Donor Associations Group

Since the 1950’s, the nine Associations of Blood Donors present in the Grand Duchy are united in a Group, created in 1987, with the aim of maintaining a link between the Luxembourg Red Cross, the government, the larger public, and the donors. It also maintains relationships between the donor societies and foreign countries.

The main functions of the group are to organise an information stall during various events (e.g. Lux Expo, fairs like the Braderie etc.) and to encourage people to become voluntary blood donors.


Become a volunteer in the Group

The group and the individual Blood Donor Societies are always looking for volunteers of all ages who are willing to help recruit new donors.

Are you interested ?
Please contact Mrs. Marianne Breuer either by e-mail marianne.breuer@croix-rouge.lu or by phone : 691 950 940.





















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