Calling all volunteers and partners


Individuals, associations, and companies: join us!

The Donation Month is approaching (1st – 30th April) and the Luxemburg Red Cross is calling on volunteers and corporate partners. We are hoping that together, as in previous years, we can make this important donation period a great success.  

Door to door donations

Over these 4 weeks, over 2,000 volunteers visit households, businesses, and organisations across the country to solicit donations. During these visits, our volunteers create a vital human connection, helping make the Red Cross more approachable and accessible. These volunteers, an embodiment of Red Cross values and principles, give the Red Cross a face. Such informal interaction allows the public to interact directly with an individual, to ask questions, to pass along messages, and to obtain information about Luxemburg Red Cross activities. 

Events to build awareness and momentum

As in previous years, the Donation Month will be punctuated by numerous events and projects organised by volunteers and corporate partners. These actions will increase public awareness of the Donation Month, highlighting Red Cross activities as well as raising money.  



  • When you become a volunteer you are committing yourself to visiting households in your area. You can work when you are available and according to your means. All of your efforts and the money you raise enable the Red Cross to maintain its crucial activities.
  • As you go from door to door, you are not only collecting vital donations and helping sustain the role of the Red Cross, but you are also raising awareness for the Red Cross and the work it does.

Become a volunteer collector or get involved in supporting the Red Cross in another way!

Contact: benevolat@croix-rouge.lu or 27 55.




As a business or organisation, you can support us by becoming a partner of the Donation Month by:

Helping us find volunteers among your employees:

  • Posters and flyers in your offices, mailings to employees, and banners on your websites
  • Articles or information in your local newsletter or internal journal, Internet and Intranet, discussions in briefing sessions
  • Incentives for employees to become volunteer workers such as “an hour of work time given for collecting donations or for volunteering“

Organising events or projects to raise funds for the Donation Month:

  • Organising concerts, exhibitions, events, fairs, and other activities…
  • Initiatives such as internal donation collections, various sales, markets …

Spreading the word for the Donation Month and raising awareness of the importance of financial donations to the Red Cross:

  • Displays, hand-outs, banners, mailings…
  • Projects and initiatives designed to share information about the Red Cross and events such as the Donation Month, perhaps through press articles, a Red Cross stand on your premises, a visit to one of our centres in the form of an open day….

Become partners of the Donation Month

Contact: benevolat@croix-rouge.lu or 27 55 – 2032.

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