Emergency support

 In its mission to help the most vulnerable, the Luxembourg Red Cross is often called upon from outside of the Grand Duchy in order to provide emergency support to victims of humanitarian crises or natural disasters. This support is made possible thanks to the services presented below.



Humanitarian Aid

The Luxembourg Red Cross is committed to help victims of natural or manmade disasters and also works to manage and prevent humanitarian disasters… more

Emergency Response Unit

The Emergency Response Unit Benelux is always ready to be deployed anywhere in the world in order to deliver emergency and first aid equipment … more

Rescue Dog Section

The Rescue Dog Section helps in the search for missing persons in Luxembourg and during natural or manmade disasters abroad … more




For further information

The Luxembourg Red Cross is unable to meet all needs, but has developed a catalog of associations who deal with specific problems.

If none of the aids listed above match your needs, contact the Helpline by telephone on 2755, by mail to the following address: info@croix-rouge.lu, or visiting the Helpline page