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Admittance – Kannerhaus Jean


Admittance via phone call: 27 55 – 63 30

A phone call is the first contact between the family and the “Centre thérapeutique Kannerhaus Jean”. There, a first exchange of information occurs and an appointment is set for a first face-to-face contact with the head of the institution.

Appointment with the head of the institution

This appointment is meant to explain and introduce the “Centre thérapeutique Kannerhaus Jean” to the parents, and to see if what the “Centre thérapeutique Kannerhaus Jean” offers matches the needs of the family.


Start of the observation time

A member of the therapeutically trained team contacts the family as soon as possible to start the 3 months observation time. During this time, the family had weekly appointments at the Centre thérapeutique Kannerhaus Jean. Once this first stage is done, the therapists and the family develop a therapeutic project.


>Then starts the psychotherapeutic support


Download the brochure of the “Centre Thérapeutique Kannerhaus Jean” :

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