Administration and support



Direction Committee

The Luxembourg Red Cross and its multiple legal entities are run day-to-day by a Board of Directors representing the various sectors of activities of the Luxembourg Red Cross and their support services under the leadership of the Managing Director. It is supported by the greater Management Committee.

The Board of Directors reports to the Management Committee on proposed and current activities and regarding major decisions. Leading the entire organization and its diverse legal entities, the Board of Directors defines the internal management processes and communications management. The directors rely upon the area managers who make up the greater Management Committee.  


It consists of:

Michel Simonis – President of the Board of Directors

Managing Director


Marc Crochet – Board Member

Deputy Managing Director


Martine Buck – Board Member

Financial Director


Luc Scheer – Board Member

Human Resources and Communication Director



For more information, download the activities report of the Red Cross:


Activities report 2017 (pdf)

Supplement to our activites report 2017 in french (pdf)

Supplement to our activites report 2017 in english (pdf)


Activities report 2016 (pdf)

Sum up of our 2016 activities in french (pdf)

Sum up of our 2016 activities in english (pdf)


Activities report 2015 (pdf)

Supplement of our activites report 2015 (pdf)


Activities report 2014.



Activities report 2013 (FR) (5Mb)


The Support Services

The support services at the Red Cross headquarters aim to:

  •  Represent the institution to the authorities and all national and international actors
  •  Translate into action the strategic directions set by its governing body
  •  Assure proper functioning financially and operationally of all its services and to support them administratively in their activities.
  •  Guarantee compliance with the principles and use of its emblem


RC Services

Created on May 19, 2008 by the Luxembourg Red Cross under the form of a S.A.R.L. proprietorship, the society CR Services has an objective of supplying services and goods (running kitchens, preparations, services and furniture on site or at the office, foodstuffs, cleaning supplies, cleaning, and transport, etc.)

Download below the organisational chart of the Luxembourg Red Cross. A large majority of the services are actions of the Luxembourg Red Cross (Convalescence Center Emile Mayrisch, Integration Center for the Elderly, meal home delivery, Maison Relais, etc.)

Its primary concern is to assure the well being of the recipients of their services by following criteria of high quality. Pursuing a public purpose, the statutes limit the re-use of their profits to the needs of managing continuous improvement and to the financial stability of the entity.


Organizational chart


Download the organizational chart of the Luxembourg Red Cross:

Organigramme Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise (FR) (PDF)

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