Child Day Care Centres

Faced with daily professional demands, it is not always easy to find someone to take care of your children: unavailable family, over-expensive day cares, etc. To enable families to go to work with peace of mind, the Red Cross manages several organisations focused on the care and support of children and teenagers. Find out more about these organisations below.


Day Care Centres

The day care centres of the Red Cross take care of your children during the day while you are at work and offer them activities that are both educational and fun, as well as tutoring. Find the day care centre closest to you. … find out more

Youth Houses

Are you 12 to 26 years old and would like to meet people your age? The youth houses of the Red Cross are activity-filled meeting places exclusively for young people. Our youth leaders are available to you to listen and help solving your problems. Find the youth house closest to you! …find out more

Centre d’accueil Norbert Ensch

The Norbert Ensch house is a foster home for troubled children and teenagers, placed by orders of the Youth Court, which aims to help them reintegrate with their families and society. …find out more




For more information

The Red Cross of Luxembourg cannot meet all needs, but it has developed a catalogue of associations that deal with specific problems not treated by our services.

If none of the services presented here correspond to your need, contact the telephone helpline 2755, or email us at: info@croix-rouge.lu or the Helpline web page.