Accidents and Illness

An accident or illness could affect anyone of us at any time.  A variety of services, listed below, are provided by the Red Cross to prevent, help, cure and support those affected.




Even a long stay at a hospital may not be enough to regain full strength or health after an illness or operation. The Centre de Convalescence Emile Mayrisch offers calmness and tranquility as well as the medical expertise and assistance necessary for a successful recovery… more

Assistance and Care

Affiliated with the ‘HELP’ network, the Assistance and Care services of the Luxembourg Red Cross can intervene at your home or at the home of those close to you in order to help you or them overcome the difficulties related to age, illness, or disability. These services allow those in need to lead an autonomous life for as long as possible. … more

“Eng Hand fir déi Krank” (support for people who are isolated)

Isolation and solitude are two problems related to the aging of the population. Does this situation worry you? Join our team of volunteers and make a difference in the lives of those who feel isolated and lonely… more


Losing a child is an extremely painful ordeal and it is often easier to cope with when being supported by others rather than alone. The members of the group ‘Weesen-Elteren’ invite you to join other bereaved parents to share and exchange throughout the healing process… more


img_ambulances_2_710px Whether you are an individual or a health professional, the Luxembourg Red Cross’s ambulance service can offer you national and international medical transportation… more


img_aids_berodung_800pxIf you have been infected with HIV/AIDS, the Aidsberodung service welcomes you and offers you the emotional and practical support which you might need. The staff will also help you through all the stages of the illness… more

„Psy-Jeunes” (Youth Psychotherapy Centre)

Are you between 12 and 22 years old and struggling with family, school or psychological issues? The psychologists of the service Psy-Jeunes are there to listen to you and help you find a solution to your problems… more

„Kannerhaus Jean”

The therapeutic Centre Kannerhaus Jean offers the supervision and accompaniment of children suffering from behavioural troubles and support for you throughout the therapy. With the use of animal therapy, among others, the Centre offers innovative and specialised treatments… more




For further information

The Luxembourg Red Cross is unable to meet all needs, but has developed a catalog of associations who deal with specific problems.

If none of the aids listed above match your needs, contact the Helpline by telephone on 2755, by mail to the following address: info@croix-rouge.lu, or visiting the Helpline page