Ludobus: The cheap ticket to playing.


The Ludobus is a project of the educator Jean-Claude Pellin which originated in the context of his work in a youth house of the Luxembourg Red Cross. This project is supported by the National Youth Service (Service National de la Jeunesse).


The Ludobus has been up and running in Luxembourg since October 2011. It stops at the various youth houses of the Red Cross, where open youth work is offered. These houses are the contact point for youth and young adults between the ages of 12 and 26 years. The Luxembourg Red Cross manages 11 such youth houses that all work in close cooperation with the Ludobus.


The project has two main objectives:


Firstly, it should familiarize the young generation with a certain game culture which was partly lost. It should here be noted that up to now there has been no toy library in Luxembourg in which you could meet for group games or rent a game. The bus is used here as a working tool. As an « eye catcher » it arouses the interest of young people and offers them the opportunity to informally discover the joy of playing.


In a second phase, the project will be developed further to the effect that the visitors to the youth centers will be taken to other institutions, the social game thereby being used as a medium to ensure cross-group understanding. The Ludobus would be used here in varied ways. The ideas range from working with children from different primary schools, over playing with other young people who are hospitalized long-term, up to playing a game of chess with an elderly person in a nursing home. That way, it is possible to offer cross-generational work that accompanies young people in the process of growing up while strengthening their social skills.


For more information click on www.ludobus.lu.




Jean-Claude Pellin

Croix-Rouge Luxembourgeoise